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Click on the links below for further resources, policies, and strategies in place for COVID-19 at Main Square Day Care Centre.

​​Main Square Day Care Centre 

We require all individuals over the age of 2 to wear a mask while indoors, and outside where physical distancing cannot be consistently maintained. All adults in the Centre must also wear eye protection.

Staff are required to wear masks at all times and eye protection (face shield or goggles) when children or other adults in the room are unmasked. Staff do not move between cohorts. We limit the number of staff in the staff room. Staff are encouraged to take breaks and lunches outdoors, or to go home.

We have air purifiers for every cohort. They are boasted to cleanse the air up to 5 times an hour, and capture 99.97% of airborne droplets, particles, allergy, pet dander, smoke, dust, cooking smells, mold, and eliminate odors. We keep our windows open as much as possible. We continue to implement and improve all current best practices.

Health and safety are our utmost priorities here at Main Square Day Care Centre. We recognize the importance of social play in the development of our children, and we take every possible step to mitigate the risk of transmission in order to provide our children and staff with a safe learning environment.

All rooms maximize time outside for programming and play. We operate in consistent cohorts. There are 6 feet of space between each cohort at all times. Within cohorts, we group tables together to allow for socializing while maintaining physical distance.