Hatha Yoga Classes

Every other Wednesday the Preschool and School Age children have a Hatha yoga class with Fay.

Children are naturally creative and mindful, they already practice restorative activities such as reading, walking or playing. They engage in creative hobbies and often live in the moment mindfully. It is my hope to bring awareness to this and to teach them new techniques which will support them as they grow.

The inclusive and non-competitive nature of the program makes it a wonderful addition to their lives. As adults, we recognize the benefits, and our children are no different. How amazing would it have been to know the practice of meditation and yoga when we were in elementary school, high school, or university or to accompany us through difficult periods of our young lives?

Living with our busy schedules, which are invigorating and full of activity, we often need a reminder to include quiet time. Daily reflection allows the space to learn and grow from our experiences. Children recharge and relax.

Teaching children or simply making them aware of their own ability to recognize moods, build confidence and calm themselves is an opportunity I take with great joy. 



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The staff focus on the children's interests and passions as well as their own. The staff team believes that children are strong, competent learners

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* RECE: Registered Early Childhood Educator

* ECA: Early Childhood Assistant

* BAECL: Honours Bachelor of Early Childhood Leadership

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